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My name is Michael, I live in Georgia, Tbilisi.

I am a professional specialist in architectural visualization. The main areas are still images of interiors and exteriors, aerial visualizations, 360 renders, floor plans, furniture renders, 3d photomontage.

All these skills help my clients to make effective presentations for different fields. I can perform work of varying complexity from small buildings to huge complexes. My first experience began in 2004 in an architectural company, where I worked as a 3D artist. In 2008, I completely switched to freelance, which I still do.

Over the years, I have done a huge number of projects from around the world, and also gained valuable experience working with clients. The main tool for work I use 3ds max, for rendering the Coronarenderer, which allows me to perform photorealistic renders, for post-processing and color correction I use Photoshop.

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